Always Believe In You!









A tiny bird emerges
Broken free from its shell
It stretches, wobbles & stumbles
And it almost fell

It glances around the landscape
And looks out yonder
It watches the other birds flying
And begins to ponder

So many hurdles it thinks
And challenges along the way
Is it possible? Can I do it?
She hears herself say

A wise old eagle
Perches upon the tree
Believe you can do it, he says
And then you’ll be free

I can’t said the bird
Eyes wide & with a frown
I don’t think it’s possible
I could go tumbling down

The eagle took flight
And stretched his wings
He soured over valleys
With the confidence of kings

He landed once more
With so much ease
And smiled in sympathy
At her trembling knees

If you think you can – you can
You must listen to your heart
Impossible becomes I’m possible
Then you’ll have a great start

With a deep breath
The youngster took to the sky
She stretched her wings
And indeed she did fly

She flew over forests
And landed with grace
She cheered herself on
A smile on her face

And now as an elder
She helps others to fly
To deepen their belief
So they reach for the sky

By Author Melanie J Molloy



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Marketing Tips For New Authors


How to Manage Your Book Marketing Campaign.  

I always say that writing is the easy part then comes the promotion. I’m a writer. I love to write and help to inspire others through my work.  Marketing is not my forte, has never been my forte and as a result my book was left accumulating dust in the invisible shelves of Amazon.

However I realized a long time a go that writing has certainly changed and the digital age is a different world. If you know nothing about marketing then it’s advisable to learn fast like I had to.  If you want to bring your book to the people it was created for which is your readers then getting to grips with marketing is a must!

I soon realized a book is a business so just like any business it has to have a strategy.  That means identifying who your target audience is, writing for them and using social media or various other platforms to reach them.  It was my passion for writing and believing that I had created something that could truly help others to flourish and grow that helped me to have a love affair with marketing.

There is a lot of preparation when promoting a book and I thought I’d use this blog to share my tips with others who are interested in writing a book.   My book Flourish  is on its first free promotion 15th-17th Novemeber 2014  so all of the information I am sharing with you is something that I have used first hand.


  • Firstly open up a twitter account at least six months before your book is published. A good time to do this is as soon as you have started writing it as you can build up interest.  Don’t wait until you’ve completed it.
  • Secondly open up a FB page.
  • Thirdly open up a Pintrest account.
  • Fourthly explore other social media platforms.

If you’ve decided to promote your book for free on Amazon here is some places to register your book. There is no guarantee that it will be accepted but there are paid alternatives.  is reasonably priced and tweets across five accounts reachinng more than 380,000 followers.  I’m just at the beginning of my marketing campaign so it is going to be trial and error. I’m going to see how my free promotions work out and then on my second half of my  free days I’m going to  take advantage of paid advertisements. I’m doing this so I can compare results.


Submissions should be made at least 3 days before book goes free

You need more 3* ratings.

Submit one week before.  You will need to confirm submission via email for them to process it.

Hash tags to use on your free promo day

A hash tag looks like this # It connects you to your target audience. You would put a hash tag in the tweet bar. This is where you tweet things that may be of interest to your followers. When you promote your book remember to include the relevant hash tags after your tweet. Make sure you don’t put more than three hash tags in as they can be distracting to your followers. Use different hash tags with different tweets.

For example RT @AuthorMJMolloy ‘Flourish’ the must read collection of positive poems, quotes & mantras to boost your mood. #Amazon #poetry

Here’s some hash tags I’m going to use:









Concentrate on building tweet teams. These are normally  other authors or relevant people who will tweet your book and maximise your exposure. You would return the favour. If you’ve built up a steady following on your social media accounts ask your followers to either retweet you or your fb friends to share your posts. is a great site to join. It is free to join and you have teams of people who are already set up to tweet your books. You would retweet them in return.  I didn’t take advantage of this  as I have my own teams in place however I have two more free promotions days left so will be definitely checking this out.

The world literary cafe  is also a good place to find people who may be interested in doing features on you.

Here is a feature that was done on me.


Remember to contact your local paper as well  as on-line press release sites. A good press release is not about selling your book but giving your readers something of value such as an inspirational story or tips.   There are many great books out there that teach you how to write a good press release so it is well worth checking them out.

Here are some press release sites to check out


1) Open up social media accounts whilst writing your  book. Build up interest and rapport.  Think like a top fortune company and focus on quality rather than numbers. Building relationships with customers is crucial to your success and much more important than having thousands of followers whom you don’t even know or ever see any of there tweets. Treat people like you expect to be treated and not just an empty number and face.

2) Get reviews. Give free copies of your book to friends, FB contacts and any twitter contacts. You’ll need reviews to submit your book to the free promotion sites.

3) Join worldliterary cafe as they often have businesses on there that will feature you and have tweets teams too.

4) 1-2 weeks before your books goes free submit to free sites. Each one has their own guidelines so you’ll need to check these.

5) Write tweets, FB posts, blog posts and announcement emails. Doing this in advance saves time on the day.  If you plan on sending thirty tweets out then make sure each one is different as otherwise twitter won’t allow you to send them.  If you have friends tweeting you make sure that you send them your tweets the day before so they can start tweeting you the moment your free promotion starts.

6) Submit to sites that only allows you to promote on the day or 48 hours before.

7) Write blog about your new release and post it the morning your book goes free.

8) Get up early to tweet and update all of your social media sites. You may want to check out Hoote Suite which is a social media scheduling site. This means you can schedule all of your posts in their prior without  having to be glued to the computer all day.

If you are an indie author and would like to share some other marketing tips what has worked for you please leave a comment. Thank you.



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Success Poem











Success what exactly is it?

What’s your definition?

To become famous and rich

An receive massive recognition


To me it’s the respect of my customers and family

Living life to the full and laughing often

Touching a wary heart

I’ve happened to soften


To me it is about knowing

Others have lived easy because of my contribution

To leave the world a better place

To offer another a solution


To find the best in others

To make others smile

To see the  beauty of life

All of the while


To me it’s about values

And living them every day

Passing good ones onto loved ones

And listening to what they say


This is to have succeeded!






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Reconnecting with our inner being,

Is like happy poetry for the soul,

We find our way home,

Once again we are whole.

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Interview with Nitesh Jain – best selling author

Nitesh front cover

One of my pleasures in life is inspiring other aspiring writers. I thought that an ideal way to do this would be to go and speak to some best selling authors.

I was delighted to come across Nitesh Kumar Jain – author of the best selling book ‘ The Seventh Cup.’ I was even more delighted when he agreed to give me an interview.

This very talented author was brought up in India, graduated  as a chemical engineer and later worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel in Switzerland.  It was during his 2 year stay in Switzerland that his debut novel was conceptualized.

What the book is about

The seventh cup is a mystery novel that evolves around the universal Law of Attraction.  If you haven’t read the secret then you may well be tempted to check it out after you’ve read this!


How long have you been writing for?

I think I have been writing since the beginning of time 🙂

Officially I began writing ( a novel) in the year 2012.

What inspired you to write this novel?

I have been reading a lot on the Universal Law of Attraction and its applications. Somehow, I found the idea so captivating, that it remained with me and became part of my day to day activities. Several instances from my life have been a result of the application of LOA. Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was definitely an inspiration.

During my stay in Switzerland (2010-2012), I was planning to write about the LOA based on my own experiences. Finally in 2012 the idea materialized. How the novel progressed from there on from being  a philosophical genre to an out and out mystery drama was another story altogether.

Name a famous writer whom you admire

Dan Brown is one writer whom I admire a lot. His works like Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Da Vinci Code are the ones I have grown up with.

What advice would you give to other aspiring writers?

My advice would be simple-Keep writing and believing in yourself, the rest will follow.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I want to see myself writing more books 🙂

One of my favorite sayings is: 

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!”  by Paulo Coelho

If you’d like to learn more about Nitesh and his work please check out the links below!

Here is the link for Author’s Bio:

Here is the YouTube teaser of the Novel:

Here is the Facebook Page of the Novel

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Law of Attraction


There is a period of introspection occurring in people around the globe at the moment.

Thanks to the great mentors such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Whittles, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, more and more people are realizing the impact that words have on their emotions as well as their reality.

People from all walks of life are discovering  that they have an inner power to create a new paradigm, and a life that is aligned with their deepest desires.

Each one of us are waking up to our infinite potential and discovering that a new world is starting to emerge. An exciting new world of uncharted waters that each one of us is navigating our way through to the best of our abilities.  We stand on a threshold of paradise on earth! What an exciting time to be alive!

However before we can access this unlimited inner power source that is available to each and everyone of us – we have to get into alignment.  Meaning that once a person’s thoughts and feelings are matching the vibration of what they want – what they want will want them!

This alignment is the point of attraction. This is known as the Law of Resonance sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction!

How do you get into alignment?

Getting into alignment is easy! It’s about reconnecting to your natural state-which is Joy! Since thoughts create emotions then it’s crucial to watch the thoughts that we are entertaining on a day to day basis. Repeated thoughts become affirmations and affirmations your powerful beliefs.

Most people have heard of the words affirmation, incantations or mantras as they are sometimes referred to.  What exactly are they?  An affirmation is every statement that we make about ourselves and the world that we live in!

Everyone in the world recites affirmations every single day of their lives whether that’s for positive or negative effect. We either do this through what we say, what we think,  what we read, and what we watch. If you know your characters lines off by heart then you’re reciting an affirmation! If your singing your favorite song every day your singing an affirmation.

In fact when you wake up in the morning and proclaim that this is going to be a wonderful day you are reciting an affirmation. When  you sit down to work and think to yourself “today is going to be a productive day” you are reciting an affirmation. On the contrary when you’re thinking about the negative alternative to those sentences..yes you guessed it.. you are doing the same. That’s a lot of affirmations!

Recite an affirmation enough times and it becomes your new thinking pattern. Your new thinking pattern becomes your new belief and your new belief shapes your reality. Those affirmations will eventually manifest into your reality! They really are that powerful.

The emotion is your point of power

The Law of attraction responds to emotions.  The words that you use trigger the emotions that you feel.  Since it’s the emotion that acts like a magnet it’s not surprising  to see why things transpire the way that they do.  Just imagine if you could put that much good emotion such as excitement, and joy into the things that you desired. Can you imagine what kind of profound impact it would have on your well being and your affairs? Not to mention all of  the great things that you’d magnetize to you! Your emotion is your point of power!

How do you change the emotion? It’s easy-change the thought! How do you do that? Do things what bring more joy and fulfilment in your life. Once you are living more of what you love the thoughts automatically change as do your emotions.

The benefits of positive thinking

Positive thinking certainly is the key to living a more happier and healthier way of life.

The correlation between positive thinking and well-being has been well documented. As a qualified life coach I also believe  that writing, conversing and thinking in a positive tense not only has a profound impact on our physiology but on the following areas too:

  • Success
  • Quality of life
  • Increased happiness levels
  • Longevity
  • Increased creativity

It was this type of reasoning that spurred me on to write poetic mantra poems. I also refer to them as vision poetry and it’s how I help myself to find my bliss and keep my focus on the bigger picture!

The process entails  taking a person’s goals and aspirations and putting them into tailor made poetic affirmation verses.

It’s a great way to reprogram a person’s limiting beliefs with more empowering ones whist having fun at the same time.  Each one is blessed and infused with my energy. I have been told by my clients that they are like a wave of fresh air for the mind, body and soul!

So why did I decide to write poetry with a difference?

I started writing positive poetry about  three years ago and more recently vision poetry.  I wanted to create something that was going to reprogram my brain to focus on my goals and expand my abundance consciousness.

I also thought that it seemed more fun than just reciting mantras. The consensus on LOA is that it is important to feel the joy right now. For it is the joyful emotion that will bring more of the good things into your life!

They have been described by one of my customers as like having their own personal song. A song that corresponds to your bodies own natural rhythm and evokes good emotions.

Would you like to learn how to think and write in a more positive manner so you too can reap the rewards? If the answer is yes then read on!

  • Become aware of the language that your using.  Notice the words that you are using. Are they beautiful words that evoke good feelings such as happiness, peacefulness and excitement?
  • How to evoke good feelings! When I want to evoke good feelings I  use words such as serene, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed,  fantastic, amazing, and spectacular? This immediately brings to mind lovely pictures in my minds eyes that make me feel happy. Words are so powerful and become more powerful when infused with positive emotion.
  • Build up your vocabulary. If  I’m stuck for words then I go and grab a dictionary so I have more power words to play with. One of the reasons people can’t express themselves in a positive tense  is that their positive vocabulary is limited. A limited positive vocabulary means that your more likely to revert back to your old thinking patterns.
  • Use the erase that thought technique.  As soon as you become aware of a negative thought just say “erase that thought” and immediately replace it with a more positive alternative! It’s a great way to train the brain!
  • Adding the positive touch to your work. If you’ve created a piece of work then take your time to read through it. Ask yourself how can I express this sentence in a more positive way? Are there any other alternatives positive words that I can substitute it with? Is my work going to evoke feelings of love and happiness in the people who read my work?  Is it going to benefit their body, mind and soul?  Is it going to benefit my body, mind and soul? Are the examples that I’m using to emphasize my points positive ones?
  • How are you saying your affirmations? According to Tony Robbins, one of the worlds leading motivational speakers, they should be spoken using the power of your voice.  This infuses them with lots of feelings. The feeling of joy creates the alignment. The alignment equals manifestation. I recommend singing and dancing to your mantras to infuse them with this power. It’s also sure to put a smile on your face and is the quickest way to shift your emotions from the bottom of the scale to the top in moments.
  • Baby steps. Learning to speak, think and write in a positive tense is exactly the same as learning a new language. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that positive language is a new language. Repetition is the key! After-all you weren’t born reciting your name but with practice you became an expert.
  • Reconnect with your feminine energy Finding ways to express your creativity whether that’s through writing, drawing, dancing or other art forms will automatically reconnect you to your natural state-joy! It will help you to align yourself with your inner power and unleash magic and miracles every where you go.

Positive language is one of the most wonderful ways to express yourself. Once you start to use it you will see that all of the beauty in life is revealed to you.

I also think  that it’s one of the kindest gifts that we can give to the next generation!

Do you have any tips to share on how you stay positive or alternatively any success stories using Law Of Attraction to manifest your goals? If so please leave a comment below as I’d love to hear them.

If you require more information about my services please

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Short Story – Message In A Bottle

I remember when I was a child and my mum would begin a story and ask me to finish it.  It was a great way to get me to use my imagination and add my own twist to the tale. I used to do the same with my friends and it was wonderful to hear so many different endings.  Sleep-overs were always fun!

Telling a story and then getting someone else to finish it is a great exercise to help you to stretch your imagination. With this in mind I thought I’d start you off with one of mine!

Read through the following story and have fun adding your own ending. I’d love to read your work so please submit it to me at The best one will be featured on this blog and the winner will receive a free complimentary mantra poem in a custom designed frame. Please note that the story should be no longer than three thousand words.

Equipment needed

  •  A pen and paper or a laptop

Message in a bottle

There is something wonderfully relaxing about the sounds of the ocean, thought Saffrey, as she rested her head against her beach bag. She could feel the warm Mediterranean waters tickling her golden coloured toes as the tide crept slowly in.

She’d been lay there all day, soaking up the sun’s rays and trying to switch off from work. Work was her life and passion so it wasn’t easy to take her mind off something that she loved. A smile crept onto her lips as she thought back to the mornings events. Business was good! In fact business was fantastic, mentally congratulating herself on clinching another deal. Not just any deal but an opportunity of a life time. The thought of her artwork being showcased in a Sheikh’s palace gave her an instant adrenaline rush.  If only she could feel the same way about her love life or her lack of one she thought, pulling a face!

Her heavy lids slowly opened and she stifled a yawn.  She could have stayed there all night, she thought, stretching her arms above her head.   The sound of a barking dog, that was coming from the direction of her villa, alerted her to the fact that doodles needed feeding. She knew that her three month old husky would be sat by the front door anticipating her return.

“Okay baby, I’m coming.” She shouted.

Picking herself up she took one last look at the stunning sunset of orange and pink hues. With a smile on her lips she trudged up the beach to the weather worn steps that led to her property. She was just about to open the wooden gate that led onto her front lawn when she realized that she’d left her bag.  Quickly retracing her steps she reached it before the sea claimed it as its own.

As her fingers touched the wet straps she felt a cold object nudge her bare toes and she glanced down. It was a bottle that had been corked and it appeared to have something inside of it.

On closer inspection she realized that it contained what appeared to be a crumpled note. Despite the fading light she could see that something had been scribbled onto it.  Intrigued she gripped the cork between her slender fingers and tugged but it didn’t budge an inch.

Probably just some kid having fun she thought, ready to cast it back into the ocean however curiosity got the better of her. She quickly slipped it into her bag and jogged up the beach before the water reached the steps……

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Creative Tools That Work!

Writing is so much fun! It’s like taking the mind on a free holiday. You really do feel a sense of exhilaration as you put pen to paper or for the digital writers that should be fingers to keys. I find that it is one of the most easiest ways to relax. It often gives me “aha” moment.

So how do you start your work of art? An idea starts the process and voila you’ve completed your book! Sounds easy doesn’t it? It can be however some people never get lift off because they can never come up with an idea. Being someone whose mind is like a movie cinema that plays 24/7 I could never understand why certain people just kept saying “I never come up with any ideas.” After much research I came up with the following answer.

One of the key ingredients to flexing your creative muscles is being in the mood to do it! When you’re feeling lethargic and experiencing other none beneficial emotions then this stunts your creative flow. How on earth are you supposed to come up with an idea if your too tired to even think?

There are many tools to help put you in that creative space. Once you are feeling  relaxed something wonderful happens. Your brain  is able to function normally meaning not only will you instantly start to feel more creative but your more likely to come up with solutions.   I’d thought that I’d share two free tools that I use with much success.

1) Walking in nature – Walking in the countryside is a great way to replenish your energy supplies. It relaxes you but at the same time leaves you feeling invigorated. Research done by Kansas universe shows that walking in nature increases your creativity levels by 55%.

2) Chakra cleansing – Chakras are the energy centres in the body in which energy flows through. When these energy wheels are blocked through stress  it doesn’t just cause dis-harmony in the body, but it creates an internal environment which is counter productive to writing. Stress causes writers block whereas feelings of relaxation and calm increases writers flow.

Specialized music with binaural beats clears these energy wheels and allows the energy to flow freely through them again. There are many benefits to clearing your Chakras – one of them being increased creativity.

I listen to the following piece of music for 35 minutes a night. I find not only do I feel more calmer and refreshed but my brain is abundant with ideas.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how you have increased your creativity? I’d love to hear them so please leave a comment below.

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Happy Mother Earth Day







Happy Mother Earth day
Sending you lots of good cheer
You’re a gorgeous creation
I’m so grateful that I live here!

By Melanie J Molloy

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The Sun is Shining


The magnicent golden sunshine

Sparkles with much delight

Glimmers of orange hues

It’s such a captivating sight

Its powerful rays

Touches the land

It glints on the ocean waves

And dances on the sand

It caresses the dramatic landscape

And darts between the trees

It illuminates the shadows

And warms the morning breeze

It embraces human’s hearts

And is happy to dwell there

For a heart that is full of sunshine

Is something wonderful to share!

By Melanie J Molloy

For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions

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