Seven Creativity Tips


Can you imagine how your brain responds when you are sitting at the same desk in the same place year after year, looking at the same walls?  Being creatures of habit we go to the same places, we read the same type of books and we do the same things day in and day out.  It’s no wonder that we don’t feel creative. In fact it’s hardly surprising to find that our naturally creative minds have gone into a hibernation mode.

The brain is a truly magnificent machine. Surround it with beautiful things and give it variety and that machine starts to chug into life.  The result – a creative mind. Our surroundings, and the things that we view through the lens of our natural camera (the eye) have a major impact on our creativity levels.

I come from a family of writers. My grandfather wrote scripts, my Nan created children’s books and my daughter can turn her hand to pretty much anything. If there is one thing that they’ve taught me about writing it is this.  If you don’t feed your mind with things that make it flourish such as surrounding yourself with the beauty of life, then you’ll either never start writing, never complete it or you’ll waste valuable time on being stuck for words. Needless to say I’ve experienced all three.

Let’s put it another way. The environment we surround ourselves with whether that’s our inner environment (the self talk and the pictures in your mind) or the external environment (your surroundings) either makes us feel creative or it doesn’t.   When you surround yourself with things that make you truly happy, you start to flourish and in turn you feel more creative. The great news is that you can change your internal and external environment at any given time!

It’s a bit like putting a seed into a cardboard box which lets no light into it. Just imagine what would happen if you kept saying to the seed, “you can’t do that, you’ll never reach your full potential!” Do you think that seed would flourish and grow? Of course it wouldn’t. Now take that seed, plant it in fertile soil, water it, speak to it with love and watch what happens!  Well that seed was me once upon a time. Until thankfully a couple of amazing mentors took the seed out of the box and stuck it into ideal growing conditions! The ideal growing conditions being a tool box full of treasure! The treasure being  a beautiful place called Shropshire, with winding streams, hills, nature reserves and a patch work quilt of beautiful countryside.  Each day the seed would grow until it finally flourished and prospered.

Which translated into productivity, a constant smile on my face and an endless list of ideas.  I said goodbye to the writers block that had been my constant companion over the years! Which usually resulted from doing the same thing day in and day out. There’s a great saying in NLP. ‘The person who can modify their behavior rules the system.’  Yes, you guessed it. I changed my behavior and by doing so I got different results.

As soon as I changed my environment and started doing things in a different way I managed to tap into the creative part of my brain.

I finally celebrated a milestone! I managed to complete and publish two books on Amazon. I even started another creative venture too. It feels great living my passion and I’m so glad I took the plunge and did it!

How did I go from writers block to writers flow?

1. I redecorated my room and lined the walls full of vision boards.  It helped to take my attention off the ceiling that needed painting and onto something more important – my future!

2. I left the city for a village. Yes I finally said goodbye to my stilettos and hello to my wellies.  The countryside certainly fueled my imagination.

3. I took regular walks in the countryside/oxygen certainly puts the brain into top gear.

4. I look at inspirational pictures in  positive magazines and on face book.  A picture certainly does speak a thousand words and is a great catalyst for that next story. I made the stream my office (in the summer months that is.)

5. Being a creature of habit I finally changed my self talk. Instead of saying I’ve got writers block, or I’m not feeling creative I chose to say:

I have writers flow and words flow quickly and freely to me

I am constantly inspired

I always have the most amazing ideas.

I am a talented person and the world is my muse!

Tell yourself something long enough and eventually you’ll start to believe it! Guess what? I did! That’s when I started to see magic happening in my life!

6. I tried something different. I love the countryside with a passion but I decided to change my environment for the day.  I took the plunge and visited an art exhibition. I came out with some great ideas for future stories  and I enjoyed it so much that I’m now a regular visitor!

7. Whoever said variety is the spice of life certainly has a point! Variety certainly gives our brain food for thought. The result – more ideas to play with!

The moral of the story is, if you are not feeling inspired, if the words are not flowing freely, then try something different. This may mean changing your internal or external environment or even both.  The moment you can do this, something remarkable will happen. You will watch the seed start to push up towards the surface and reach for the light.   You will see your light start to shine as the seed grows into something it was meant to be!

A creator of beautiful things that can add value to other peoples lives!

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