Positive Poetry


Daily Inspiration!

A world within a world!

Sitting on the oak tree
I watch the pilots fly high
Swallows, swifts and eagles
Souring in the clear blue sky

I kneel on the fertile land
I see architects and their designs
I observe the builders building
The ants are all in lines

I glance over at the patchwork quilt
The cows and sheep are so amazing
Blessed be our natural lawn mowers
They just keep on grazing!

I stare in awe and wonderment
At their very being
A world within a world
I love what I am seeing

By Author Melanie J Molloy

For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions contactmelaniejane@gmail.com



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2 responses to “Positive Poetry

  1. Good work, Melani. Have you read any of the Cantos by Ezra Pound? What poets do you like? –mw.

    • Hello Mason.

      I’m sorry for the late reply but I’m still finding my way around this blog. No I haven’t. Can I find him/her on Amazon? Mm, I’m not too sure about that one. Many to choose from. Let me think on that and I will get back to you very soon.

      Thank you for your compliment. Who is your favorite poet?

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