The key to happiness!

Stuart Miles/

I‘m sat beneath a tree right now

Huddled beneath my coat and scarf

Pondering the key to happiness

I see the whole picture, not half

I’m being philosophical

It’s how I take stock

To ensure I’m aligned

I find the key to the lock

How can I become happier?

What do I need to know?

How can I live my purpose?

The answers always help me grow.

The thunder echos in the sky

The lightening dances around

I suddenly have clarity

Much insight I’ve just found

And so I conclude that my shoes

Are indeed a temporary fix

A life full of meaning and purpose

Is certainly a healthier mix

Don’t get me wrong

Shoes are my passion

As are my clothes

I appreciate fashion

However, years from now

Will those shoes make me smile?

Will they add meaning?

May be not or if so, only for a while

I decide that there are two types of happiness

Instant gratification being one

Or a life filled with purpose and meaning

The second I believe to be next to none

A life with purpose and meaning

A life filled with good deeds,

Surrounded by loved ones

Satisfies all of my needs

For the man who chooses the latter

For ever rich he will be

For he realizes a life full of meaning

Is indeed the key!

Written by Melanie J Molloy

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5 responses to “The key to happiness!

  1. Very wise words to live by. All the best for 2014. ~ Dennis

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