Into the new zone


Image courtesy of C L Haden.

Poet’s notes!

I love writing self development poetry to help inspire and empower others.   It is my intention that all who read my work go away with the keys to change, so that they too can find the confidence to live their passions.

Into the new zone was written about two years ago whilst I was doing lots of inner development work.    Some people write in their journals to give their thoughts some structure, whereas I use my poetry to gain clarity. It also allows me show others what has worked for me so that they may duplicate it if they so wish.

Creativity makes the world go around

Because it’s born of love

When you use your imagination

You’ll sour high as above

An idea starts the process

Your imagination makes it grow

And once you put it into action

You’ll see the magic flow

Everyone has a creative side

They just have to find their muse

Engage in life and be present

And you’ll find lots to enthuse

Looking at the sunset

Feeling the sea beneath your feet

Can stir your imagination

It works just a treat

We’re all born creative

With practice we can refine

With lots of repetition

We can master it over time

Remember to have fun

It always warms your soul

Whether you write or draw

Passion helps you reach your goal

You have to learn to encourage yourself

Every step of the way

And remember to proclaim loudly

‘I’m feeling creative every day.’

By Melanie J Molloy

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2 responses to “Into the new zone

  1. What a Thought, You walked me through your creative Imagination, Good One, Really Liked it

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