The power of love!


(c) Carol Madge

Aphrodite, so radiant and forever youthful

A goddess of pure divine love

She showers maidens and fellows

With all that sparkles from above

Venus, captivating and sensual

She possesses many earthly powers

She smiles kindly on lovers

And bestows them with flowers

Cupid, such a little cherub

His magic brings many a lover together

He binds them with a golden light of love

In each others hearts they stay forever

Universal source; Divine power

The mother and father of all things

They smile favorably on lovers

You can hear their hearts sing

Centuries of myths, legends and hidden truths

Whereby love has stood the test of time

For a heart that is filled with pure love

Is a being that will always shine!

Written By Melanie J Molloy

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3 responses to “The power of love!

  1. I like it. gods as personifications give us a handle on concepts and behaviors and forces of nature so we can begin to understand them. but why the past tense? if aphrodite was, she is.

  2. Hello Mason. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. Thanks for reading. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I did correct it however WordPress obviously hasn’t updated it. I’ll do that now!

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