Shropshire tea anyone?

teacup Welcome to my series of articles that I have created to brighten up  your day.  To get my fingers to do my bidding I need to feel creative.  This doesn’t just apply to writing but also to my day to day affairs too. Over the course of  these articles, I aim to help you find ideas for your own creative projects.

I find that if I stay in the same room, staring at the same walls, my mind is normally filled with non entertaining thoughts.  The dust on the skirting boards spring to mind. These are the thoughts that are not really going to help me to make great strides towards starting or finishing my projects.

However when  I visit somewhere new and immerse myself in a stimulating environment, hey presto, my mind turns into a decorative canvas.  A canvas that is full of vibrant colors and images that transform themselves into ideas and words.

Over the course of these articles I’ll take you on a journey around my beautiful home town of Shropshire.  We’ll also venture to the equally beautiful country that I border with, which is Wales. Travel with me to art galleries and eateries.  As the weather starts to get warmer we will visit stunning waterfalls and magical woods. I’m confident that you’ll  find something that will spark your imagination.

I normally gain much inspiration and clarity of thought from the heather clad hills, woods and vast countryside.  You can often find me sat by a stream or beneath my favorite tree writing my poetry or my latest novel.  However once the winter sets in I’m more likely to be found either in an art gallery or an eatery with a difference.  Being a person who likes to have different experiences I’m always on the look out for new places to visit to add to my list.   One of those places being Willow Eatery in Oswestry town centre.  It’s a quaint, yet modern little eatery that not only delivers excellent customer service with a smile but has a wonderful range of delectable home made food to choose from.  You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Today I decided to sample afternoon tea there and spent 3 1/2 hours indulging all of my senses.  There was a superb range of hummus and carrot sandwiches, clotted cream scones, and the most yummiest peanut cheese cake I’ve ever tasted.  There was also  a great selection of other delectable goodies that were sure to stimulate your appetite.  The good news is that if you can’t manage to eat it all they’ll give you a goody bag to take it away!


The lace table cloth gave it a quintessentially English touch.  I was suddenly transported back in time.  I could see myself adorned in long Victorian attire sipping tea with the gentry.  The beautiful decorative china cups with intricate detail really did add to the experience, and somehow the tea seemed to taste a little smoother.


So why did I stay so long in an eatery when I’m normally in and out within an hour?  I have a passion for art so I found it a very stimulating, and vibrant place to be.  The walls were adorned with magnificent pieces of artwork.  The eatery is also part of an art gallery and upstairs you can even watch a local artist in his studio creating his masterpieces.

For those of you who would like to take a slice of Oswestry back with you, then the little gift shop has something for everyone.  You’ll find homemade creams,  jewelry, cards and even sculpted ornaments that have been crafted by local businesses.

The whole experience sparked some ideas for a poem.  Not only did I leave there pleasantly full but also refreshed and eager to put words down on paper.


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