Shropshire Sound Canvas Exhibition

Can you imagine my delight when I found out that my poetry had been selected for the Sounds of Shropshire exhibition. My mantra: ‘My poetry is travelling around the world, and has become well known.’ had definitely come true.

My lovely friend Jas accompanied me. It was nice to have someone to share my special night with.

The room was small but comfortably furnished, modern, and arty.  After a complimentary glass of wine and some nibbles, we viewed the spectacular artwork.  Finally, I viewed  my creation which had been put up onto its own plaque. It was a proud moment.  Finally we decided to become social butterflies and mingle.










My beautiful friend Jas!

It was a pleasure to meet the artist Zoe Partington who had created the Sound Canvas with Sounds of Shropshire.  It is an innovative piece of artwork and redefines how we view art.  It clearly shows that art is not just something that we can see but is also something that can be experienced by all of the senses.

The Sound Canvas was sensitive to movement.  A fraction of a movement would spring it to life! Flashing therapeutic colors coupled with the sounds of the Shropshire countryside played simultaneously.


The exhibition also featured some spectacular photos by Roy Jacobs, Jane Roberts, Thomasina Carlisle, Jean Green, and myself. I think that it was a proud moment for all of us.

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who made this possible for me. It was such a huge honor to have my poem featured in this wonderful exhibition and to have met so many lovely people. It was a pleasure to finally meet and speak to Paula Dowers, the Operations Director, whom was also featuring her fantastic photo’s in the exhibition.   The art exhibition  is currently being held in the Hive in Shrewsbury and is due to move to Birmingham shortly.




Not only did I come away feeling truly inspired and eager to pick up a camera but my friend did too. The following day she created a wonderful poem which was met with delight by her friends, family, and Facebook contacts.

Overall it was a fantastic night, a wonderful experience and another thing to tick off on my to do list.


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2 responses to “Shropshire Sound Canvas Exhibition

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I can imagination how wonderful it must feel having that appreciation for your work. Well done 🙂

    • Hello Thanks for reading! Yes, it is lovely to have my work recognized. It’s such a lovely feeling knowing that my work is being read and enjoyed by others. It makes it all so worthwhile. Thank you for your praise. It’s very much appreciated! 🙂

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