Always Believe In You!









A tiny bird emerges
Broken free from its shell
It stretches, wobbles & stumbles
And it almost fell

It glances around the landscape
And looks out yonder
It watches the other birds flying
And begins to ponder

So many hurdles it thinks
And challenges along the way
Is it possible? Can I do it?
She hears herself say

A wise old eagle
Perches upon the tree
Believe you can do it, he says
And then you’ll be free

I can’t said the bird
Eyes wide & with a frown
I don’t think it’s possible
I could go tumbling down

The eagle took flight
And stretched his wings
He soured over valleys
With the confidence of kings

He landed once more
With so much ease
And smiled in sympathy
At her trembling knees

If you think you can – you can
You must listen to your heart
Impossible becomes I’m possible
Then you’ll have a great start

With a deep breath
The youngster took to the sky
She stretched her wings
And indeed she did fly

She flew over forests
And landed with grace
She cheered herself on
A smile on her face

And now as an elder
She helps others to fly
To deepen their belief
So they reach for the sky

By Author Melanie J Molloy



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2 responses to “Always Believe In You!

  1. Thank you Melanie ❤ This is an awesome poem ❤

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