Author Melanie J MolloyBorn in Liverpool and raised in various places, I now reside in the beautiful Shropshire countryside with my family and pet cat.

With a back ground in life and sales coaching, I also write poetry and romantic novels.  I use the country side as my muse; so you can normally find me beneath my favourite tree the ‘tree of options’ watching the world go by.

In the beginning…

As a child, my mum who also loves nature would take me on long magical walks in the woodland. The fresh country air and magnificent views would unleash my creativity! My day dreams consisted of talking to flowers and dancing fairies. Even at such a young age I would transfer my imagination onto paper. My family would say that I was born with a pen in my hand.

My grandparents were writers and although unpublished, it was a passion of theirs  and so they always encouraged me.  Their passion spurred me on, and at 11 years old I sent a manuscript off.   I was so looking forward to see my name in print but off course it wasn’t published.

I was too young and inexperienced  but the publishing house told me in their letter, that they’d sent me some tips for next time. Can you imagine my little face when the envelope was empty?

I suppose that you could say it put me off from contacting a publishing house again but, over the next 12 years I continually wrote and refined my skills.  Although I still continued to not send anything off  I wrote for pleasure.  My book case was stacked full of manuscripts all of which were collecting dust.  My 12-year-old ego had never recovered!

Then, procrastination kicked in.

The middle…

Many years later I had the chance to work as literacy and numeracy tutor. I am honoured to have taught some amazing people with ripe imaginations that were full of wonderful ideas! It was my job to help them to communicate those ideas onto paper.

It was a rewarding career and just before I left, one of my learners told me that they’d decided to writer their first novel. This was my first catalyst that made me decide to start writing my own again but the  inspiration never did strike.

The second catalyst was my daughter. At the young age of 18, she decided that she too wanted to be a writer. We were met with much scepticism purely because she didn’t have a degree. Thankfully I was training to be a coach at the time and she was my first case study.

After just 6 months of coaching, she began writing for various on-line and offline magazines and now, she is a professional freelance digital copywriter.

I think that this was my wake up call. Listening to my daughter’s objections actually mirrored mine. This made me challenge my own self-doubting beliefs.

The start…

For me, the whole point of human existence is to be happy.  I had to stay true to my own values and that meant living my writing passion. Thanks to my family’s encouragement and my revived self-belief, I began to write  blogs and articles for on-line businesses. I have since ventured into poetry and rhyming slogans which have been used for the likes of restaurants, and cafes.

I went from the dreaming about earning a living from my writing to actually living it.

I have now just self-published two of my own eBooks. One of them is a romantic novel. The other is a poetry book which is packed full of positive poems quotes and mantras.

I’ve had my work exhibited in an art exhibition, and have been featured in Greetings UK magazine.  I also have my own poetry corner in a parenting magazine and my latest venture is ghost writing.

My advice to anyone venturing into the unknown is that, a positive mind-set is the key and most of all just do it!


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