In my spare time I love writing romantic novels and positive poetry. I’m a self published author and am just working on my second romantic novel due to be released soon! The following books can be found here:

My book Flourish is due to download for Free on Amazon on the 15th-17th November 2014. To grab your copy please click the link below.



This is what some of my customers have said about my book Flouirsh!

“I love this little book. This lovely inspiring collection of poems, mantras, affirmations and quotations made me stop and realize I had forgotten about me again as I found myself caught up in the whirl pool of life once again. It reminded me of my own creative abilities just for me. I never realized how much I missed taking time out to do my own writing. I found myself on a great visual journey in my mind reading this. I felt peace, I saw the beauty of what the author saw through her eyes.

I enjoyed the ‘my favorite quotes’ some of which we share a fondness.

This book is great for those of us already awake and on our great journey and for those who are looking for inspiration and lessons in achieving through maintaining a positive mindset.

It would be a great little book to keep on the coffee table to open at any page to learn from and be taken on a beautiful visual journey.”



The Story: Flourish is essentially a collection of positive poems, empowering mantras and quotes to boost your mood. There are in total 46 different poems and each of them has its own story-of emotions which are positive. As the title suggest, the intention is to make the reader realize one’s own potential and grow both mentally and spiritually towards betterment. These poems have been categorized based on different expressions such as love, creativity, peace and so on.  The poet has done complete justice to these poems and the reader ends up wanting for more. The poet also tries to depict the relationship shared between human beings and animals under the category of animal poems. The poet even urges the readers to go for an idyllic trip to the east through poems based on Holidays.


The Style: The poet’s style of writing is straight forward. It seems the poems have been written to strike a chord with readers belonging to all walks of life. There is no subtlety or hidden meanings that are meant to be deciphered or discussed. Rather the poems move like a gentle river allowing the reader to sit, relax and reflect leaving all worries and sorrows behind. It’s a river that has the power to rejuvenate thirsty souls-souls who are looking for positivity in their lives, souls who are prone to negative emotions, souls who are seeking to understand the real meaning of life and happiness. Flourish quenches all these and more.

Certain poems stand out, namely, In the New Zone, The Power of Color, Overflowing with Love, First Step, A Beautiful World, Attitude of Gratitude. It is perhaps the poet’s style of writing that manages to connect with the reader’s heart and leave an everlasting impression. The reader begins to embark on a new and pleasant journey at the end of which there is bound to be a smile on the reader’s face. The smile is the victory of the very purpose of penning down words that evoke positivity and hope. In today’s world when life has begun to lose its luster, when war is creating more chaos and destruction than ever and when people have begun to lose hope and succumb to mundane pressures, the significance of Flourish cannot be ignored. It comes like a fresh breeze of air that is magical and promises to restore the proverbial faith in humanity. The poet’s vision to create these delectable offerings is laudable and it’s is quite evident from these lines from Overflowing with Love

I searched for my one true love

And it seemed my true love I did not find

Until someone whispered in my ear

The power is in your mind.


Highs and Lows: The most striking aspect of the entire collection is the inclusion of quotes from famous personalities. These quotes have been meticulously selected and serve as an icing on the cake. The reader may very well connect with them and learn to adapt several virtues that may be life transforming. For example:

‘Human beings by changing the inner attitude of their

minds can change the outer aspects of their lives.’

 -William James 1842-1910


A book such as Flourish is never meant to have a single dull moment. The entire book is an attempt to raise the spirits and encourage the reader to follow a path that is filled with positivity and hope and the poet does complete justice to it.


Verdict: Flourish is an earnest attempt by Melanie J Molloy and is worthy of all accolades and appreciation. If you are looking for a book to rescue you from the negativity prevailing in the world, Flourish may deliver the goods and you will end up with a big smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. The world needs more books like Flourish and more poets with a vision like Melanie J Molloy.


Plot: 4.2/5

Creativity: 4/5

Language and Style: 4.4/5

Overall: 4.3/5



A literary delight that reminded me of my creative days

Many years ago back in school I was a keen poet and I enjoyed writing and reading them. However, that was lost over time as life’s responsibilities as an adult caught up with me. Thus my time inevitably had to be focused on other things, and I no longer could carry on with my hobby of writing. However, reading this helped bring back some of those good times and arouse that creativity that had been sleeping in the back of my head. It reminded of the powerful effect words can have when written in the right way. It reminded me of what I could create with my own imagination.

“Your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions,” – a quote from one of the greatest mind’s this world has ever seen – Albert Einstein, is quoted in this book, and indeeds resonates well with the book. These Poems help open up the mind. They help us connect deeper with the things we see in everyday life, and things we experienced but never realise that they have happened.

A literary delight I enjoyed reading.


This is a fantastic collection of pick me up feel good poems ! I can literally feel myself getting lighter as I read these poems.  This book is a magnificent way to kick off the day with some positive good feeling momentum.



2 responses to “Books

  1. This was inspiring to read about your poems. I’m thinking of self-publishing some of mine written many years ago so this was encouraging..

    • Hi Rick thank you so much for reading my blog. I’m glad that you found it helpful and that it has inspired you to publish your own. If you need any help on the publishing process please just ask as I’d be delighted to share how I did it. I would love to read some of your work

      With many thanks


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