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Law of Attraction


There is a period of introspection occurring in people around the globe at the moment.

Thanks to the great mentors such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Whittles, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, more and more people are realizing the impact that words have on their emotions as well as their reality.

People from all walks of life are discovering  that they have an inner power to create a new paradigm, and a life that is aligned with their deepest desires.

Each one of us are waking up to our infinite potential and discovering that a new world is starting to emerge. An exciting new world of uncharted waters that each one of us is navigating our way through to the best of our abilities.  We stand on a threshold of paradise on earth! What an exciting time to be alive!

However before we can access this unlimited inner power source that is available to each and everyone of us – we have to get into alignment.  Meaning that once a person’s thoughts and feelings are matching the vibration of what they want – what they want will want them!

This alignment is the point of attraction. This is known as the Law of Resonance sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction!

How do you get into alignment?

Getting into alignment is easy! It’s about reconnecting to your natural state-which is Joy! Since thoughts create emotions then it’s crucial to watch the thoughts that we are entertaining on a day to day basis. Repeated thoughts become affirmations and affirmations your powerful beliefs.

Most people have heard of the words affirmation, incantations or mantras as they are sometimes referred to.  What exactly are they?  An affirmation is every statement that we make about ourselves and the world that we live in!

Everyone in the world recites affirmations every single day of their lives whether that’s for positive or negative effect. We either do this through what we say, what we think,  what we read, and what we watch. If you know your characters lines off by heart then you’re reciting an affirmation! If your singing your favorite song every day your singing an affirmation.

In fact when you wake up in the morning and proclaim that this is going to be a wonderful day you are reciting an affirmation. When  you sit down to work and think to yourself “today is going to be a productive day” you are reciting an affirmation. On the contrary when you’re thinking about the negative alternative to those sentences..yes you guessed it.. you are doing the same. That’s a lot of affirmations!

Recite an affirmation enough times and it becomes your new thinking pattern. Your new thinking pattern becomes your new belief and your new belief shapes your reality. Those affirmations will eventually manifest into your reality! They really are that powerful.

The emotion is your point of power

The Law of attraction responds to emotions.  The words that you use trigger the emotions that you feel.  Since it’s the emotion that acts like a magnet it’s not surprising  to see why things transpire the way that they do.  Just imagine if you could put that much good emotion such as excitement, and joy into the things that you desired. Can you imagine what kind of profound impact it would have on your well being and your affairs? Not to mention all of  the great things that you’d magnetize to you! Your emotion is your point of power!

How do you change the emotion? It’s easy-change the thought! How do you do that? Do things what bring more joy and fulfilment in your life. Once you are living more of what you love the thoughts automatically change as do your emotions.

The benefits of positive thinking

Positive thinking certainly is the key to living a more happier and healthier way of life.

The correlation between positive thinking and well-being has been well documented. As a qualified life coach I also believe  that writing, conversing and thinking in a positive tense not only has a profound impact on our physiology but on the following areas too:

  • Success
  • Quality of life
  • Increased happiness levels
  • Longevity
  • Increased creativity

It was this type of reasoning that spurred me on to write poetic mantra poems. I also refer to them as vision poetry and it’s how I help myself to find my bliss and keep my focus on the bigger picture!

The process entails  taking a person’s goals and aspirations and putting them into tailor made poetic affirmation verses.

It’s a great way to reprogram a person’s limiting beliefs with more empowering ones whist having fun at the same time.  Each one is blessed and infused with my energy. I have been told by my clients that they are like a wave of fresh air for the mind, body and soul!

So why did I decide to write poetry with a difference?

I started writing positive poetry about  three years ago and more recently vision poetry.  I wanted to create something that was going to reprogram my brain to focus on my goals and expand my abundance consciousness.

I also thought that it seemed more fun than just reciting mantras. The consensus on LOA is that it is important to feel the joy right now. For it is the joyful emotion that will bring more of the good things into your life!

They have been described by one of my customers as like having their own personal song. A song that corresponds to your bodies own natural rhythm and evokes good emotions.

Would you like to learn how to think and write in a more positive manner so you too can reap the rewards? If the answer is yes then read on!

  • Become aware of the language that your using.  Notice the words that you are using. Are they beautiful words that evoke good feelings such as happiness, peacefulness and excitement?
  • How to evoke good feelings! When I want to evoke good feelings I  use words such as serene, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed,  fantastic, amazing, and spectacular? This immediately brings to mind lovely pictures in my minds eyes that make me feel happy. Words are so powerful and become more powerful when infused with positive emotion.
  • Build up your vocabulary. If  I’m stuck for words then I go and grab a dictionary so I have more power words to play with. One of the reasons people can’t express themselves in a positive tense  is that their positive vocabulary is limited. A limited positive vocabulary means that your more likely to revert back to your old thinking patterns.
  • Use the erase that thought technique.  As soon as you become aware of a negative thought just say “erase that thought” and immediately replace it with a more positive alternative! It’s a great way to train the brain!
  • Adding the positive touch to your work. If you’ve created a piece of work then take your time to read through it. Ask yourself how can I express this sentence in a more positive way? Are there any other alternatives positive words that I can substitute it with? Is my work going to evoke feelings of love and happiness in the people who read my work?  Is it going to benefit their body, mind and soul?  Is it going to benefit my body, mind and soul? Are the examples that I’m using to emphasize my points positive ones?
  • How are you saying your affirmations? According to Tony Robbins, one of the worlds leading motivational speakers, they should be spoken using the power of your voice.  This infuses them with lots of feelings. The feeling of joy creates the alignment. The alignment equals manifestation. I recommend singing and dancing to your mantras to infuse them with this power. It’s also sure to put a smile on your face and is the quickest way to shift your emotions from the bottom of the scale to the top in moments.
  • Baby steps. Learning to speak, think and write in a positive tense is exactly the same as learning a new language. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that positive language is a new language. Repetition is the key! After-all you weren’t born reciting your name but with practice you became an expert.
  • Reconnect with your feminine energy Finding ways to express your creativity whether that’s through writing, drawing, dancing or other art forms will automatically reconnect you to your natural state-joy! It will help you to align yourself with your inner power and unleash magic and miracles every where you go.

Positive language is one of the most wonderful ways to express yourself. Once you start to use it you will see that all of the beauty in life is revealed to you.

I also think  that it’s one of the kindest gifts that we can give to the next generation!

Do you have any tips to share on how you stay positive or alternatively any success stories using Law Of Attraction to manifest your goals? If so please leave a comment below as I’d love to hear them.

If you require more information about my services please contactmelaniejane@gmail.com


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The Sun is Shining


The magnicent golden sunshine

Sparkles with much delight

Glimmers of orange hues

It’s such a captivating sight

Its powerful rays

Touches the land

It glints on the ocean waves

And dances on the sand

It caresses the dramatic landscape

And darts between the trees

It illuminates the shadows

And warms the morning breeze

It embraces human’s hearts

And is happy to dwell there

For a heart that is full of sunshine

Is something wonderful to share!

By Melanie J Molloy

For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions contactmelaniejane@gmail.com

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The key to happiness!

Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

I‘m sat beneath a tree right now

Huddled beneath my coat and scarf

Pondering the key to happiness

I see the whole picture, not half

I’m being philosophical

It’s how I take stock

To ensure I’m aligned

I find the key to the lock

How can I become happier?

What do I need to know?

How can I live my purpose?

The answers always help me grow.

The thunder echos in the sky

The lightening dances around

I suddenly have clarity

Much insight I’ve just found

And so I conclude that my shoes

Are indeed a temporary fix

A life full of meaning and purpose

Is certainly a healthier mix

Don’t get me wrong

Shoes are my passion

As are my clothes

I appreciate fashion

However, years from now

Will those shoes make me smile?

Will they add meaning?

May be not or if so, only for a while

I decide that there are two types of happiness

Instant gratification being one

Or a life filled with purpose and meaning

The second I believe to be next to none

A life with purpose and meaning

A life filled with good deeds,

Surrounded by loved ones

Satisfies all of my needs

For the man who chooses the latter

For ever rich he will be

For he realizes a life full of meaning

Is indeed the key!

Written by Melanie J Molloy

For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions contactmelaniejane@gmail.com


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Happy Holidays Everyone!


Happy Holidays

It is the season of good cheer

Holly, kisses and lots of love

Kind gestures to those far and near

Happy Holidays

It is the season of celebrations

An exchange of presents

To friends and relations

Happy Holidays

It is a time to bring

Joy to all humanity

To make their hearts sing

Happy Holidays

May this year be the best

I send you much love

Joy & much zest!

By Author Melanie J Molloy

For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions contactmelaniejane@gmail.com

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That creative feeling

When I write or embark on any creative venture it’s important that I’m feeling inspired. Sitting at my desk or even on the sofa staring at the laptop normally doesn’t do the trick.  I find that my mind is never still and wanders to everything except the task in hand.

So how do I find my inspiration? I sometimes flick through magazines, search the internet or look at other books to generate ideas. However communicating them ideas down onto paper can be a task in itself if I’m not feeling motivated to write.  Motivation, creativity and inspiration go in hand so it can turn into a catch 22 situation.

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security that creativity is just needed for artistic pursuits, such as drawing, crafts and writing. Creative thinking is also needed to start projects, make changes in our lives and even start new business ventures. So what is the easiest and quickest way to alleviate creative block and get yourself back into creative flow?  The answer is to go for a walk in nature. Research by Kansas University shows that creativity levels are increased by 55% when you take a walk in the good old countryside.


Image courtesy of Adamr/FreedigitalPhotos.net

You may be wondering how walking through the countryside can do this?  Our brains are magnificent machines and function on oxygen.  A surge of fresh oxygen to the brain cells springs them back to life.  Which means that you will have more energy, more thinking power and many more of those ‘aha’ moments.

With the majority of the population not using the full capacity of their lungs, it’s no surprise to find that creative block is so common. Taking a walk in nature really does get you using your lungs. You can almost hear your brain cells sighing with relief.

Secondly walking in nature puts your brains immediately into a more resourceful state. This means that you will start to emit your alpha brain waves.  This is the brain wave that is responsible for your creativity levels. Walking through a picturesque landscape allows your body to release all of its happy feel good chemicals. This in turn increases your creativity levels. The correlation between happiness, inspiration and creativity is well documented.

Just like delta brainwaves put you into a sleep mode, your alpha ones spring you back into your natural creative state.  Writers and artists have a high level of alpha brain waves and even athletes who are just about to win also have a surge of them too.  In fact every time that you’re doing something creative you go straight into the alpha mode.

Contrary to popular belief, your brain waves can be immediately changed into the desired state at will. This is great news for all of you creatives wanting to get more creative. It’s also good news  for the people who describe themselves as not being the creative type.  I used to say that everyone is born creative and that they just have to find their muse. These days I’m more likely to be heard saying that everyone is born creative and that they just have to learn how to switch into alpha mode. Although I have concluded that both are synonymous with each other.

So why is writers block so common? Most people spend their lives emitting mostly beta brain waves. These brain waves are dominant when we over analyse things, go over problems and don’t allow ourselves to dream.  It’s no surprise to find that some people never find the inspiration to do something creative.  Their brainwaves are not providing the right type of internal environment to help their creative ventures flourish.

Here are some tips on how to automatically put yourself into this more creative alpha state:

  • Meditate
  • Take a walk in the countryside
  • Be mindful
  • Listen to binaural beats
  • Visualize

In the next couple of articles I’m going to show you how to do all of the above.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to speaking to you next time.

Melanie J Molloy


For more information about my writing services or if you have any questions contactmelaniejane@gmail.com


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