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Interview with Nitesh Jain – best selling author

Nitesh front cover

One of my pleasures in life is inspiring other aspiring writers. I thought that an ideal way to do this would be to go and speak to some best selling authors.

I was delighted to come across Nitesh Kumar Jain – author of the best selling book ‘ The Seventh Cup.’ I was even more delighted when he agreed to give me an interview.

This very talented author was brought up in India, graduated  as a chemical engineer and later worked as an intern at BASF AG, Basel in Switzerland.  It was during his 2 year stay in Switzerland that his debut novel was conceptualized.

What the book is about

The seventh cup is a mystery novel that evolves around the universal Law of Attraction.  If you haven’t read the secret then you may well be tempted to check it out after you’ve read this!


How long have you been writing for?

I think I have been writing since the beginning of time 🙂

Officially I began writing ( a novel) in the year 2012.

What inspired you to write this novel?

I have been reading a lot on the Universal Law of Attraction and its applications. Somehow, I found the idea so captivating, that it remained with me and became part of my day to day activities. Several instances from my life have been a result of the application of LOA. Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was definitely an inspiration.

During my stay in Switzerland (2010-2012), I was planning to write about the LOA based on my own experiences. Finally in 2012 the idea materialized. How the novel progressed from there on from being  a philosophical genre to an out and out mystery drama was another story altogether.

Name a famous writer whom you admire

Dan Brown is one writer whom I admire a lot. His works like Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Da Vinci Code are the ones I have grown up with.

What advice would you give to other aspiring writers?

My advice would be simple-Keep writing and believing in yourself, the rest will follow.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I want to see myself writing more books 🙂

One of my favorite sayings is: 

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!”  by Paulo Coelho

If you’d like to learn more about Nitesh and his work please check out the links below!

Here is the link for Author’s Bio:


Here is the YouTube teaser of the Novel:


Here is the Facebook Page of the Novel


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Top Tips On How To Write A Novel

Alternative words

Being a writer I often find myself searching for alternative words to use. There are only so many times that you can use the same word, before the mind starts to focus on the overuse of a word, rather than on the content. This can impair the readers experience.

So what is the solution?  You can reach for a thesaurus as well as enlist the help of your friends and family. Another option is to play the word search game.  So how does the game work?

You throw a ball at the next person in the circle, and get them to suggest an alternative word with a similar meaning.  For example: good, excellent, and fantastic. Fun certainly does  raise the energy of the room, and makes you feel more inspired!

 Research shows that being in a fun environment accelerates learning.

I played the word search game recently when my mum came to stay over. By the end of the night, I had an impressive list of words to add to my vocabulary. It was certainly more enjoyable than just having the thesaurus for company!

Creating dialogue

My favorite part of writing a novel is creating the dialogue. I think that dialogue is certainly a skill in itself, and in my opinion no matter how realistic it is, it can be ruined by the over use of she said.

Try substituting she said with she replied,  retorted,  explained,  suggested, and offered.  There are thousands of alternative words that you can use, and it can be good fun to experiment with them.

Variety is the spice of life

If you are in the process of writing a novel you will have discovered that there is a lot of movement in it. In other words,  your characters are not normally going to stay in the same room throughout the whole novel.  Even if they do, then it’s very unlikely that they are going to be stood in the same place from start to finish.

It’s crucial that you let the reader know what your characters are doing otherwise the book can become quite stationary.  They will think that they have blinked and missed something, when they notice that their character is not still sat on the bed but looking out of the window.   The secret is to fill in the gaps of how your characters got to the other side of the room.  Did they run? Did they skip?  This finer detail can help your readers mentally walk through the scene.

When I first started to write when I was seven years young, my vocabulary was quite limited, and extended to walk and run.  In fact,  it was probably still the same up until about ten years ago.  Using the word she walked, or she ran throughout the content can also become quite repetitive -so try varying your use of words!  For example, try she wandered or she sped.  The speed that your character is walking will determine your choice.

The great thing about language is that there are so many fantastic words that you can choose from,  so why limit yourself? The following are some alternatives to walking and running:

Walking slowly:   inched, wandered.

Walking quickly: sprinted, flew, sped, raced.

Happily: skipped, galloped, ambled, hopped.

Quietly: inched, crept, tiptoed.

Can you think of any others?

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