Here are some of my customers testimonials:

I recently commissioned an article for a website I help to run. We offer Tarot and Astrological readings, although it’s a relatively niche field, I was thrilled with how quickly Melanie produced the content. It was in-depth, well researched and delivered exactly what I wanted to demonstrate to our target audience. Melanie was very pleasant to deal with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her for future content needs. Highly recommended.

Richard Sawyer, Manchester

“I work with Melanie on a regular basis and she’s delivered some outstanding work.   She has written numerous eBooks, blogs and bios for my clients.  I value her skills, expertise and experience.  She always exceeds my expectations. She’s a very talented, gifted writer and I appreciate her professionalism & commitment.

I would thoroughly recommend her!”

C /professional writer/Midlands

“Melanie provided me with excellent customer service.  She has written a wonderful poem for my business which will be going onto my menus. Melanie’s work impressed me on multiple levels.  She is a great communicator and takes a lot of care to listen to her customers. It was a very prompt and friendly service. I would definitely work  with Melanie again and would strongly recommend her.”

Mandeep K Singh/Managing Partner/Corner shop/Curries2go 

“I am absolutely delighted with the poetic slogan that Melanie created for me. I’m always looking for something that is unique and I think that this service is definitely that.  I wanted something that would give me the creative edge.  Melanie delivered this and I now have my own personal signature which has become part of my branding. I’ve put her poetic tailor made slogan onto my twitter account and it is now also being printed up onto the back of my business cards.

I was impressed with her professionalism and the excellent friendly customer service that I received. After a quick consultation she identified exactly what I wanted and delivered it in under an hour. She is very time efficient! If you’re looking for something that gets your business noticed, and adds value to your customers shopping experience then I’d thoroughly recommend her services to you! Thank you Melanie!”

Here is the slogan that she created for me:

Delivering creative projects

That are informative & concise

A one stop shop for digital content

Brought to you at an affordable price!

C Louise Haden Writes/Digital content writer

I acquired Melanie’s services to help me with a poem to help me manifest and inspire me. This was way beyond my expectations , the poem was inspiring , motivating and fantastically well written for my needs . I found Melanie to be very authentic , inspiring , reliable and a gifted author with a desire to help people progress and achieve their goals and hearts desires . She is also professional and adaptable to any specific needs you require . I would recommend this lady to anyone . The poem she did for me increased my confidence and self worth which in turn brought increased opportunities and prosperity my way  thank you xx

Jayne Wake-field/Energy healer and Tarot reader

“When I saw Melanie was offering a ‘ personal Creative poem’, I just had to be in that! I have read a lot of Melanie’s work and love it. So after a short message about ‘me’ and within the day (night here) I had this beautiful mantra like poem. Travel, relationships, business and love all just fitted and flowed beautifully. By saying it daily I believe it has had a positive effect already. Business has picked up already and those around me are doing well. Thank you Mel. You are an Angel.”

Richard/Holistic practitioner

“When Melanie offered to create a vision poem to a couple random followers on Twitter, I immediately jumped at the opportunity knowing the power of the spoken word.  I’m so glad that I did because she not only designed a poem that was unique to the various aspects that are aligned with my purpose and destiny, she delivered it in a timely manner.  In our correspondence, she indicated that she would have it to me by a certain time, but she executed the poem and its delivery much sooner.  Since regularly reading and announcing it, I’ve seen some positive changes within me and in my spirit. Some great opportunities and tangible blessings have come my way.  I appreciate the talented, gifted and kind-hearted being and writer that she is. I’m thankful for her professionalism and passion.”

Sybil Street
Wardrobe Stylist

“Melanie made a delightful Mind Movie for me.  Since watching it every day for just a week wonderful things have started to manifest. I’ve just been asked out on a date, received an unexpected cheque in the post and I’ve just made some new friends. I’ll definitely keep watching this and am looking forward to see what else manifests.  She’s a very warm, sincere person whom I found to be very reliable. The service was great and she delivered my order promptly. Thank you Melanie. You’re a star!”


“I’m a very shy person so I asked Melanie to design me a poetic mantra to increase my confidence.  I put it on my wall so I could see it every day. Within a month of reading it I started to notice massive changes. People around me were giving me more compliments, and my friend told me that I was walking taller which in turn increased my confidence.  I even managed to go and watch a show on my own for first time in my life, and managed to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. This is something that I’d never thought possible.   I’m definitely going to keep on saying it as I feel it’s really working. I found Melanie to be a sincere warm person and would recommend her work to everyone. Thank you.”


“Coach Melanie offered to write me some beautiful poetic affirmations to help me to create my vision and manifest my goals.

The poem illustrates all that I “want to achieve” in a way that makes it sound and feel as if I am being that person now. Perhaps poetry is the means to affect the subconscious as it draws an image in one’s mind.

My life is actually forming itself around that image I hold. Subtle perhaps but I know I feel at peace.

Since using it every day new people have arrived in my life, and with that have come favorable opportunities.

The poem is light-hearted and joyful and thus plays in my mind like a favorite song.

Regardless of  how poetry, music or art works on our minds – I know the Universe has sent me very specific guidance for the above mentioned opportunities that have manifested in my life now.

My newly attuned energy is drawing in people with a higher vision for their own lives.

I wanted to clarify that having more money has nothing to do with being a better person.  All I know is: earning $300/day takes just as much energy as it takes to earn $300/week.  I now have that opportunity at hand. Peace.”

 Pia Louise/Chat show host





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